* As is the case in all situations of underdevelopment, Namibia remains at the periphery of Capitalist-development.

 The revolutionary-task of Communism, and our Communist-Party in particular, under such poor socio-economic conditions in our country, is to initiate and spearhead the complete reorganization of our pre sent primitive Subsistence-Economics into the mainstream of World Capitalist-development, tangibly. In other words, the indigenization of industry has become necessary in our part of the world.

 ln a word, we have historically to replace as a matter of urgency, our outdated Subsistence Economics with a programme of whole-scale Indigenization of the Capitalist mode of production.

 Only such a bold and scientific step will take us forward meaningfully and enhance our status as a Nation in global-society. Since Our Economic life of dominance in a Subsistence mode of production combined with and supplemented by a peripheral Service-oriented Capitalism has become outmoded, unbearable and counter-productive. . . hence the need for such fundamental revolutionary change. Our approach and programme in all these matters are as a consequence, not based upon reformism but, indeed of a structural-nature!

The abolishment of our Parliament in its present form, both Upper and Lower Houses, and the replacement there-of with a Legislative House Of The Aboriginal Inhabitants, has become a scientific as well as historic-prerequisite.

For Namibia to prosper meaningfully, ownership and control of All-Natural-Resources inclusive of Land and our Marine-wealth of Namibia, must be put back into the hands of the Namibian People themselves, where it belongs.

 Since the sum-total of the various Aboriginal Inhabitants in our country constitutes the Namibian-People, they are the only legitimate voice who can, and is fully empowered/authorized by Natural-Law to decide on the vitally important question of all our diversified-resources inclusive of land, and nobody else.

Hence in such a proposed Legislative House of The Aboriginal Inhabitants of Namibia, voting rights shall rest solely with them on a Democratic-Centralized basis, while Political parties shall have sit-in Rights/Freedoms/Obligations, but shall otherwise attend in a mere advisory & executive capacity based upon questions asked, information requested and tasks given.

 We respectfully submit that the Afrikaner as being genetically a descendent of the Aboriginal Inhabitant of the continent of Africa, Legislatively enjoy full voting-rights, as well. In the case of groups such as the German, French, British, Dutch, Arabs, Portuguese & Related peoples as full citizens of our country, be bestowed upon only special-status still to be decided on and properly worked-out, in such a Legislative House.

 * When ownership and control are restored of AU-Namibian-resources inclusive of land and our Marine-wealth, they shall have to be protected by a body of armed men and women, which is our Namibia Defence Force, naturally.

 In this regard our first and only reform has to be. . . to see to it that the Namibia Defence Force’s present ethnic-composition and nature be replaced with one of a Nationalistic-character . Every male and female Namibian Citizen of every ethnic orientation above the age of 18 years shall have to be incorporated into the NDF and shall complete a minimum 3year Military-training-course, and thereafter remain up to the age of 55years, on constant standby for Military-services/operations/ duties as may deem necessary, both domestically and/or abroad, continuously.

 Only such an integration approach of all walks of life into our armed-forces shall truly and in a most concrete-form, solidify our political slogan One Namibia. . . One Nation.

 In other words, out of the existing tribes/aboriginal inhabitants as well as other interest and related groups as said such as the Afrikaner, German, & Related Groups shall come into being an Army representative, expressive and embodying on a National-scale befitting to the Indigenous Interest, Circumstances and the Tasks, Militarily-speaking. Everything and anything short of this, shall be tantamount to a political lie. A Nation is built not on slogans but on a sacrificial, tangible, patriotic, and upon an equal-basis with regard inter alia rights/freedoms and obligations by every citizen, and not a selected few .

 Needless to mention, we suggest that every other section of our state-machinery such as the Namibian Police be reorganized along such a revolutionary path, as well.

Social-ills such as Botsotso-activity, suicidal-tendencies, vandalizing, general-crime, unemployment, social-indiscipline, alcoholism, drug-use and abuse, prostitution, pornography, laziness, as well as unnecessary health-threatening conditions of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular- diseases almost entirely based upon bodily and mental unfitness, to name but a few. . . shall most definitely be addressed and redressed most effectively , by our proposed remilitarization-programme or rather, by the mere intensification there -of aimed at true Unification of our peoples and genuine Nation-building!

With regard the allocation of land, we suggest that it be done coherently upon an unequal-basis on the following model.

 Yes Comrade, young Socialist, you have heard right. . . we repeat, our proposal is based upon scientific reasoning and coherent conclusions that land-allocation be done on an unequal-basis, which is logically-connected in the realm of and with regard a guaranteed and functional-system of a diversified range of highly nutritious valued food, food-supply and food-security for both domestic-use, as well as for export-purpose s, at least regionally at first.

This means, that instead of to dispossess/confiscate/and or expropriate land from those who can and is able to produce substantially, science and objective-demand shall compensate them by giving them more land, plus a wider range of incentives.

 Now the cardinal-question. . . who gets what, when land is allocated or perhaps even reallocated? Logic dictates that those Patriotic Namibians, who are in the farming section (irrespective of color), who does have the needed capacity of possessing amongst others Capital, Talent, Know -ledge, Experience, Will-power, and the Required-Skill(s) in the field of Agricultural-development, shall be first in line when land is allocated.

How many farms an individual of whatever colour and or colourless-orientation and or pigmentation one may posses, shall become irrelevant, outdated, unscientific and an incoherent notion.

Instead the scientific-question, based upon Agricultural-fact, demand & supply and not by taking into account reactionary Emotional-Affirmative Action, shall have to be based upon a concrete and reliable-data/base proving a Citizen’s Overall Ability to Produce/ supply not only Sufficient-Production, and increase it to Surplus-Production but in fact should reach required-levels above and beyond them.

 This revolutionary-path shall out of historic-necessity become our new revolutionary-criteria for land-allocation so as to secure food-security for our Rural-based and City-dwelling Namibians first, and thereafter for the utilization of such surpluses to earn us most valuable Foreign-Currency.

That it shall eventually constitute an Agrarian-programme of works which shall Dialectically start to wipe-out the present huge unemployment-phenomenon, is no-doubt, certain. The land shall be used to turn the present Industrious-Poor and Food-Importing Namibia into a country of High Food Self-Sustainability and a Food-Exporter of note, both qualitative and quantitatively, so as to pave the way towards adequately feeding the workers/ proletariat in towns and cities who would busy themselves with the vital task of Industrialization.

 Persons in the category of and based upon proven Agricultural-output enjoying Commercial-Farming-Status in Namibia, shall receive incentives, such as the following from the State;

 a) Granting of more Arable land as may be deemed necessary for purposes of Advanced & Highly-Mechanized-Agricultural-Production!

b) Full subsidization shall be guaranteed!
c) Compulsory Diversification in Agriculture, shall be wholesalely applicable!
d) Labour-relations shall have to be strictly observed based upon a New Labor BILL, which shall not be on the side of Profit only, but equally on the side of the Capable Agricultural-Workers and their Families needless
to mention, with regard inter alia;a Minimum-wage, Skills-development, housing, electricity, water, medical-fund, social-security, old aged pension, schools, clinics, sport/recreational-facilities, transport etcetera etcetera!

 * The Way Forward for Full-Scale Productive Community-Based-Agriculture:

Overall-Assistance and Incentives from the State towards such Community-Based-Farming-Activities shall and must be inclusive of the following!

a) Training, Training and Training once again in Appropriate-Agricultural-Tech -nology!

b) A Programme of Continuous & Non-stop In-service Training!

 c) Full Subsidization shall be guaranteed, on top of the Initial Capital-input!

d) Regular Health-Inspection of Animals and Availability of Remedial-medicine both Preventative and Curative.

 e) Cooperative-Diversified-Small-scale-Farming based upon a voluntary-basis to co-exists with individually owned, controlled, managed and distributive Capitalist-driven enterprises in Agricaltural-production.

e) Mr. Jan De Wet’s suggestion that Communal-land be split-up into Individual
Farming-Units attached to title-deeds (Ownership&Control as sole proprietors/Utilization thereof as collateral). . . is an excellent Agricultural-idea worthy to deliberate on as well as testing it out concretely. lt is such advanced notions and contribution which shall transform this Nation, and earn the Patriotic Namibian-Commercial-Farmer irrespective of race nor tribe its rightful seat historically, as well as in the realm of socio-economic and political-decision-making in the Legislative House of the Aboriginal Inhabitants!

 1) A Tangible Initiation and constant Application of a most Consolidated and Concentrated Cattle, Small-Stock & Wild-life National-Disease-Free-Zone made possible by an Intensified & Whole-scale Veterinarian-Programme, so as to do away with the present unfair Export-Trade-Arrangements under and with the shameful continued existence of the Racist-Redline in Agriculture!

g) The immediate replacement of the laborious-system of manual-labour by the bringing in of the needed machines. . . which is long overdue in Namibia, any-how.
h) Emergency Assistance such as drought-relief, borehole-drilling, well-develop -ment and outburst of Animal-disease and related situations shall remedially be met head on by the relevant Institutions of State.

 *Local-Manufacturing, along with our Agricultural-programme forms the basis of our Indigenous-Industrialization-Endeavour:

 No Natural-resource in its raw form, shall be exported. . . but utilized to form the basis of our own Manufacturing-plants of whatever nature’. The Local-Business people such as the Pupkewitz-family, Frans Indongo-Entrepreneurs shall have to lead us in this regard. More shall follow on this vital aspect !This remains an incomplete point as a result, which shall be elaborated on!

 * Issue of Immigration-Laws:

Under socio-economic conditions such as the present crisis facing globalization. . . in other words, World Capitalism in its Monopolistic-phase of Disintegration, the following happens unavoidably . Huge opportunities of wealth creation under Free Competition in almost every field of human-endeavour opens-up Dialectically in underdeveloped-situations.

 For countries which had been on the outskirts of the hay days of Imperialist-socio-economic and cultural successes in the world’s major-Industrial Centres, the time to benefit largely has come. . . the hour has struck. A prerequisite is of course that they understand in full what is indeed happening. . . for most Formalist-thinkers do not have a clue at all, hence the vital necessary prerequisite for a Communist-perception and practical-programme so as to enhance Capitalism as modes of production for ultimate growth.

In this sense the revolutionary philosophy of Dialectical-Materialism, serve as the only alternative guiding light or as Comrade Werner H. Mamugwe used to say. . . it becomes the only Compass. Is such conclusions not contradictory ? No! it is indeed complimentary-logic, which in a way is actually in a most concentrated form, based upon a strict and most advanced scientific-methodology applied out of historic-necessity in the domain of the property relations as regulated by its latest mode of production. What has this got to do with Immigration Laws Sir ?

Everything Dear Comrade Young Socialist. . . for instead of to tighten the Immigration Laws maximally, it has to be, and needs to be relaxed altogether so as to “import on a large-scale” the needed Capital, Knowledge, expertise and skills for the commencement of the Indigenization of Mechanized-Agriculture, Indigenous Manufacturing. . . and, later Dialectically into the heaven of the desired Indeginization of large-scale Industries owned, controlled and managed by the Aboriginal Inhabitants, themselves. The surplus skills in both technology and academics laying around idle in highly industrialized countries(I. e. unemployment), should be harvested to meaningfully ignite the indeginization of industry in underdeveloped situations, such as ours.

In short, it is in fact this process namely, the Indigenous Industrialization which remains scientifically the one and only method(formula) which detribalizes the different Aboriginal Inhabitants of a country , into a Nation-Concept under Indigenous-Capitalist-development. This is how Nations are born and not through an abstract political slogan such as a One Namibia. . . One Nation such as is the case in ours.

 The Totalitarian Prohibition by many Governments of Tribalist-tendencies amongst still most backward peoples, is in the said regard totally misplaced and counter-productive. Such tendencies of tribal-reaction or lifestyle under severe condition of underdevelopment is very normal, for they are accurately indicative of the poor prevailing objective conditions which need to be changed via a higher and more conducive/productive mode of production.

But such backward tendencies of a primitive tribalist-nature, is also a cry for much needed development. . . a cry for a concrete programme of industrialization of a country. . . away from the outdated forms and shackles of barbarism in economics. For the correct scientific interpretation and conceptualization on the matter under discussion is needed a Dialectical-Materialist thinking-pattern and a concrete logical action plan. lt is the task and function of the Socialist mode of production when its historic turn comes to smash(devour) the Nation-state-concept in favour of International-Citizenship-status, where the world becomes a stateless global society, once classless Communism makes its historic appearance out of objective-necessity . But let us not dwell onto such matters of future development, yet.

* Education:

A Compulsory National Pre-primary syllabis shall be added to an altogether newly established Primary and Secondary School-system with our present Ineffective syllabus not to be reformed, but be abolished, entirely. A team of both highly qualified and widely experienced Local and Regional, Continental and Global-Educationists shall be tasked to work-out and suggest an alternative progressive syllabus, where both learner and teacher shall have to meet a required high standard through hard work, attached to an appropriate methodology in learning as well as in teaching. . . instead of an Affirmative Action Approach which is presently the case. . . where the relative high standard is compromised and lowered, so as to meet and accommodate the historically Backward-child.

 On top of the above, the historically least developed child at present, is also the very chosen learner, who receives the bursary for further studies, at the expense of the historically-advanced-child. Such insanity in Education shall no longer be tolerated under our newly reborn Educational-system in Namibia. Science dictates that in any society the historically more advanced shall have to lead the least developed out of its backwardness and not the other way around.

 With regard our Tertiary-Education under our new system, we further suggest a ratio of 98% in the Various-Technical-Fields to only a 2 % Academically-trained personnel for our Country’s overall Public Programme of Works. On top of what is presently being done by our own Polytechnic of Namibia as well as Unam which absorb by comparison to those that find themselves on the streets ultimately, an insignificant estimated 5000 to 6000 Grade 12s out of an estimate total of almost 35000 Grade 12 students per annum, we further propose as follows;

 With such a huge army of unemployed as well as semi-schooled/trained youngsters out on the street doing absolutely nothing for the country. . . how can Namibia start to meaningfully grow ?

And our young people desperately want to help build this country, but the lack of seriousness, eagerness, in-sight and capacity to perform, not on their part but on our part as National-Leaders, make our Namibia almost remain stagnant in concrete developmental-terms.

Our suggestion is that we as Namibians target and approach our Colonial Masters of yesteryear namely Germany, Britain and the Republic of South Africa head-on and demand that they get involved with regard our Tertiary-Education.

The initiators of United Nations Security Council Resolution 43 5, the Five Big Western Powers, should be grandstander approached as well. Of course in this regard, we can speak to our Socialist and Communist Comrades, as well. . . they will understand, I am sure. The idea here is that the estimated remaining 29000 Namibian-students with a Grade 12 Certificate on a quota-basis be absorbed into Tehnicons and Universities of such countries for a fixed minimum of 15-20 year periods, year after year. . . and generation after generation as their contribution to help build our backward Namibia To discard Favouritism, Nepotism, Elitism, Racist and Tribal-criteria, Namibia too should select its students on a strict apply-able quota-basis of region to region, district to district, city to city, town to town and or village to village.

 This ought to improve upon our skills-shortage and overall incompetencies, significantly in my view. The saying;”Where there is a will, there is a way “, should apply in this case of attempting to uplift ourselves, historically!

*Homosexuality, Lesbianism & Related-Sexual-Orientations:

 The political behavior towards the sexual-orientation of any person in a given society where-ever in the world, is determined by the levels achieved culturally by such a separate and an individual society. Culture in turn is defined and shaped by the uneven and combined nature of development in the arena of socio-economics in exactly the same way law (legislation) is influenced, conditioned and determined by it Primitive cultures based entirely upon this specific outline which is most fundamental, shall obviously have a more narrow and limited scope in its overall nature and composition, then its antithesis.

 As a result of this fact, it shall as a scientific-rule also be politically less tolerable and more hostile towards what is perceived to be outside of the sexual norm of everyday reproductive-matters. More advanced forms or levels of culture, shall behave and express itself contradictory to this narrowness and limitations, and in line with its own oppositional logic and overall body of knowledge immensely differently in almost every aspect of everyday-life.

 It is scientifically true to say that higher forms or levels of culture achieved in a given situation, shall once again as a rule of science express and reflect a far more democratic political tolerance based upon its more developed, and thus superior economic superstructure which exists, concretely. It is in this sense that we say. . . Communism, ( which is an socio-economic outflow of Capitalism in the final-analysis), is indeed the highest form of Democracy. . . for its political tolerance stems from nothing else, but its highest and most superior economic-superstructure historically still to be fully achieved.

 It’s this fundamental difference in conceptualization which distincts itself oppositionally different from country to country , but especially when compared with what’s socio-politically happening in the underdeveloped world. . . against the overall political and social-behaviour in highly industrialized situations, with regard Homosexual and or lesbianism and other related sexual orientations. lt is here where the difference is at its crudest. . . here, where we are able to see the farthest, and consequently the clearest!

 While in many a ‘First World’ country same-sex individuals already have and enjoy legal-marital-status, under ‘Third World”conditions such practices still remains taboo and regarded as shameful of this lack of a solid material-base in underdeveloped situations, it is not always advisable to copy “First World” models in whatever field for application in Third World” conditions. This point is crucial!

From a legislative point of view, based upon our Borrowed Roman -Dutch-Legal-System which intertwines with our Traditional Customary-Laws, gays and lesbians and other sexual-orientations do enjoy full group-rights and protection under the law, in Namibia. However, the Law has up to date not tested its own legal-validity and executive-powers with regard same-sex-marriages for the lack of couples stepping forward to express this desire presume.

 We can’t rule out both the subjective as well as objective fear, intimidation and victimization components against such individuals in this regard in shying away from legally-entering into wedlock, publicly. Since Roman-Dutch is historically not a direct legal-outflow from our own economic superstructure. . . since we are still based upon a backward mode of production which is Subsistence in its overall composition and nature, the overall behaviour of especially Rural-Namibia’s Leadership largely remains socio-political outright intolerant, if not dangerously hostile towards such couples and their sexual-interaction, orientation and overall life-style. . . inclusive of their dress-code and overall refined-mannerism as well as their sophisticated looks with regard fashion-trends.

What are we saying ?

Discrimination against different sexual-orientations seen as being inherently outside the norm by Rural-based-people or at least their leadership. . . is unlawful, and yet it shall remain intact in the minds of many individuals, for as long as our economic mode of production remains primitive and outdated. With the Indeginization of the Capitalist mode of production as suggested by us Communists in this working-document, a different and higher mode of conceptualization will manifest itself, which shall put a far more democratic transfer of mood and behavior in place.

 In the meantime, the Law is clear on All Forms of Discrimination inclusive of Homosexual, Lesbians and Related sexual-orientation and practices, as being illegal and constitutionally unlawful and as a consequence prosecutable and punishable!

 Let us join hands in building our own Capitalist-Economic-Superstructure in Namibia, and politically rid ourselves from hostile forms of intolerance and irrational-hatred towards other sexual-orientations which too form part of Namibian, as well as Global-society!

NB: This document remains incomplete due to time constraints. Questions of vital importance which still need to be addressed are the following:

 *Water as an Essential-Commodity;*The Housing Question;*Our Municipalities;

 *Our Parastatals.

 I hereby pledge to the Electorate that the task of completion of this document, shall be placed priority number (1) with regard our Communist-political-work-programme, which we are presently busy executing! Date:04/11/2009 Time:09H47;Comment by Author!

 * Our Namibian Prison-System:

 Thousands and thousands of Namibians still find themselves in Overcrowded Namibian-jails due to Criminal-behavior, almost 20 years after independence. Based on daily newspaper-reports and other forms of media, crime keeps on escalating in our country in-spite of an Enlarged and most Incorporated-Police-Force, which are always very busy.

Before Colonization, the practices of criminality, years of imprisonment, and sodomy in jails were foreign not only to Namibia, but Africa and the world of smaller Nations at large. The Aboriginal Inhabitants of Namibia, of Africa and of the entire wo of smaller Nations were dignified, proud, independent, honest and compassionate Groups of civilized peoples who had owned, controlled, managed and distributed their own wealth and resources the way they saw fit and deemed necessary.

 So the historic-question arises and remains, namely what had in-fact happened with and during the process of Colonization in our country and elsewhere with regard the mind-set and social-behavior of entire Aboriginal peoples the world-over ?

 When Imprisoned-Namibian-Citizens are categorized into Prisoners of War, Political-Prisoners And Criminal-Prisoners when all had gone through the same severe hardships of Colonization such as Forced Expropriation of Indigenous Resources, Brutal. Massacre of Indigenous Inhabitants, Enslavement of Indigenous Inhabitants and the Rape and Sexual-Brutalization of Indigenous Women. . . What Criteria are applied to draw specific distinctions that give rise to the categorization of so-called offences ?

 How can one conclude scientifically that a certain so-called offence is a direct and or indirect outflow of Colonization and the other not ? With the implementation of United Nations’ Security Council Resolution 435, All Prisoners of War. . . All Political-Prisoners were released but not a single Criminal-Prisoner! During the total reign of our Namibian State President one after the other. . . and, up to this very moment Criminal-prisoners as a Categorized-Group per se were/ was never pardoned by any of our Presidents. . . Why ?

 Is it not the very Enslavement-conditions and Criminal-practices of Colonization which had literary driven these children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Namibia’s Aboriginal Inhabitants into murderers, thieves, rapists, diamond-smugglers, drug-addicts, wife-beaters/killers and Botsotsos ?

 Why don’t we consult with our psychologists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists and other experts in the field of mental-conditions and overall human-behaviour with regard the overall and long-term effects of Colonization on its Namibian-victims of over a 100 year period with regard their mind-set and social-pattern, and or even of their political-behaviour and culture of intolerance, hatred and violence towards especially, but not exclusively. . . the White Race. . . as well as against women, children and one another ?

Should this approach be introduced and developed into a system, I guarantee, we would for sure cease with the symptomatic-diagnosis and healing/treatment in accordance thereof, and begin to enter into a far-reaching and in-depth diagnosis coupled with a prognostic coherent-line of scientific-work as well, which would penetrate deeply into the actual Root causes with regard the overall behavioural patterns of Namibians.

 At present under our Health-system, this is non-existent, instead we Legally, send via court-decisions thousands upon thousands of victims and their descendants who are equally victims as well of British-Imperialism, German-Imperialism and Apartheid South Africa -Colonization straight to long-serving prison-sentences. . . and feel on top of everything else there -after, so foolishly damn competent and proud about ourselves.

 Neither Magistrate, nor Judge or Prosecutor-General let alone our advocate, lawyer, Police and Prison-warden seems to have a clue on the direct and or indirect effect of Colonization and Imperialism on the mind-set and social-behaviour of an oppressed and exploited peoples such as is the case with our Namibia! Quite Shameful I would think!

 *Based on the above very brief-outline we as Communists, propose to the Legislative House of the Aboriginal Inhabitants, the following which have to be decreed and executed, unconditionally with Immediate Effect.

a) The Abolishment in toto of the Namibian-Prison-system, never ever to be brought back again!

b) The unconditional-release of each and every prisoner held in Namibian-prisons and or holding-cells, irrespective of what crime, he or she had committed!

c) The Church as an Institution with resources and capacity in cooperation with our well organized and well oiled NGO’s we propose, should act as both Rehabilitation-vehicles as well as Repatriation-Agents to incorporate and unite every in-mate with his or her family, or be tasked to provide and or find alternative willing families, institutions, organizations, companies and welfare-groups to help out.

 d) Overseas Donor-Agencies, the AU, UNO, Friendly & Progressive Governments the world-over, Our Private-sector as well as the Namibian Government of the day, AU Namibian Political-parties to name but a few,shall be responsible for the funding job creation, food-security, Clothing-arrangements, additional-shelter as well as important aspects such as social, political, cultural and economic-integration of such Freshly Reintegrating Namibians into their society of origin!

e) The empty buildings which were used as Cells, shall be reallocated to
house pockets of factory-development as part of our manufacturing
-programme aimed at bringing into existence on a systematic-basis
our Industrialization – endeavor.

 f) Alternative forms of Punishment, instead of long Prison-sentences should rather take the form of carrying-out most needed Community-services by offenders, and or the re-introduction of Corporal-Punishment not with regard children. . . but, mischievous adult offenders and or a revolutionary combination of both as had been exercised and practised successfully by our Ancestral Aboriginal Inhabitants over many a century!

With regard the intentional and planned killing of a person by another, we propose to The Legislative House of the Aboriginal Inhabitants however, the strict, prompt and non-negotiable re-introduction and application to the letter of the Death-Penalty

 Those who unlawfully take another person’s life, shall lawfully be killed by the (appropriate instruments) of the Namibian-State. The Rule of Law shall of course still apply, adhered to and fully executed based upon the criteria norm of Presumption of Innocence until Proven Guilty in a Competent Court of Law!

 *Communism & The Concept of Religion:

The Global-Church and Global-Capitalism had always made it its top priority to vilify, demonize & criminalize Communism, but why ? In short, both the Church and Capitalism had over hundreds of years systematically expropriated the entire Natural-Resource-Base of the world’s Ordinary Peoples within its various National-boundaries and beyond. Based upon its Overall Resource-Base, confiscated from the Ordinary Peoples, The Vatican, is no less a State then any other Earthly State where-ever in the world, and is in-deed Officially Recognized as such by both Superpowers and Smaller National States, alike.

 Such Tremendous Power is concentrated in one’s hands once the stealth and Robbery of All Forms of Natural-Resources from the Ordinary Peoples by the Church and Capitalism in and at every world-corner are completed and Triumphantly Legally Stamp as Private Property! From this point, they ruthlessly started exploiting the world’s workforce to generate Super Profits for them.

 To name but a few cases, they had privatized, commercialized and monopolized Water, Land, Gold J Diamonds, Copper, Uranium, Platinum, Marine-wealth, Wild-Life, Semi-Precious-Stones and almost every specie of Domesticated Animal stock where-ever in the world. . . exclusively for their own economic, social and political benefit to prevent All smaller Nations and Peoples of the world to call them thieves, cheaters, robbers, crooks, they most cunningly misuse and design, construct and uphold as sacred Legislation(Roman-Dutch-Law) so as to legalize their ownership, control, management and distribution over the Accumulate in their hands.

 Since no-one under the Order and Reign of The Bourgeoisie-ideology dare question, oppose, challenge, expose sacred Private Property, the poor becomes poorer minute by minute while the Rich gets Richer second by second.

Where The Global Church Combined with Global Capitalism, becomes hatredly upset and dangerously furious with Communism, and criminally do not even stop at physically-eliminating our Cadres, is when we with Pen in hand and no Gun, analytically start to explain to the Ordinary Peoples World -wide, the truth behind the origin of the poverty of the Ordinary People which is not God-given, and the untold wealth possessed by their Church and Capitalist – Masters, which also is not God-given in any way, but an accurate manifestation of exploitation of Man by Man.

 So when we utilize the Pen to the full without resorting to a Gun, Global-Capitalism with the participation and blessing of the Global-Church first impoverish us by not providing us with employment so as to starve us in terms of food, shelter and clothing!

When we still persist in our ways of emancipating the people from mental -slavery to quote from the legendary Bob Marley, they scare us by sending in their Special-Branches (Security Police Apparatus) to intimidate and victimize us in most subtle terms at first, so as to call us to Capitalist Peace, Order, Tranquility and the Divine Salvational – Silence of the Church of God!

 Thereafter, Communists are clamped down upon through Detention-orders, solitary-confinement, physical as well as mental-torture so as to break us spiritually, bodily and intellectually, but all in vain.

 When they resort to assassination-attempts, and we too start arming ourselves in self defense, we are called Terrorist – perpetrators who disturb development and who endanger the country’s stability and world Peace! Such is the life of the Communist-cadre under the rule and reign of the Global-Church and its ally Global-Capitalist-Monopolies!

The propaganda-machinery of both the Global-Church and Global-Capitalism works on a 24 Hour-basis so as to Criminalize, Vilify, Outcast, and Demonize Communism for nothing else, but the above-outlined reasons. For us to take political-power, they know shall be the beginning of both the end of individual-want as well as personalized-individualistic-wealth. More importantly, they know that the reorganization and concrete-restoration of ownership & control, Management and

 Distribution of All Our Natural-Resources, inclusive of Land and our Marine-wealth, as well as all other additional forms of the overall means of production shall be placed on a collective-basis(Common – ownership), Dialectically, and no longer be held in the hands of Private persons, such is the case at present.

These are their fears and basis for hating us while being scared of us and impressed by us at the same time Quite contradictory and yet interesting.

To conclude, since Communism is scientifically a direct socio-economic and ideological outflow of the Profit-system. . . in other words, its most essentially by-product, meaning offspring of Capitalist-development in the last analysis(its antithesis), with regard to the Preaching of God’s words by the Global Church especially, Communism can indeed be defined in a strange manner as the only true Implementation-Arm of Religion in bringing change to the world’s Poor.

 This is the case since, as far as the overall interest of the Ordinary people are concerned, the Scriptural-ideas and conceptualization of Religion is in a most tangible practical form executed, expressed, reflected and embodied and lived out in the Natural Materialist world, by no-one else but Communism.

 lt is only in the arena of philosophy where Religion and Communism becomes antagonistically irreconcilable, but absolutely not in the domain of Democracy, where’re (Communism) become s in fact its highest form. End of story!

 *The Gender – Ouestion:

Tradition organizes people almost on a compartmental-basis separating man from woman, boys from girls, young from old, pre-primary from primary, secondary from tertiary etcetera etcetera.

 This seems to comply fully with Natural Law and or Natural Selection, but does it ? And if it does, what happens to Dialectical-interaction, interrelation and interdependence flowing-out of Natural Law as derived from Mother Nature, itself ?

These issues need investigation in a proper scientific context and are not to be brushed aside by either individual entitlement to own opinions or emotional-dictate. Due to the specified purpose of this brief-outline, time nor space does not allow us to elaborate upon it extensively!However, let us look at a few point s analytically.
With the reorganization of the world’s peoples, as well as individual-societies of Smaller Nations, the objective conditions of the Modern-Globe demands an Integrated & Comprehensive approach so as to ensure pro-revolutionary-progress.

 The outmoded criteria and practices must historically be discarded in favor of the fast developing new perceptions, based upon our space age-requirements. Failing to meet this challenge, simply means that no progress, but stagnation has become the order of the day with regard political-ideas and theoretical-development; instead of Woman -seminars taking place in isolation from the Male, Youth and the Elderly, all relevant and interested groups of society such as the above mentioned must out of historic-necessity be present in a full participatory-capacity, as a prerequisite of concentrated-logic.

Such should be our new line of Revolutionary-thinking and Bolshevik-task execution! Reorganization of society implies by definition the in-depth – deliberation and tangible-replacement of outdated systems of whatever nature, in whichever field, and not the usual emotionalistic and gossiping tone of women about how bad their man folks had become.

 This is a class-struggle, not a domestic-fight of man against woman, or a family quarrel of grandpa against grandson. Nor is the platform for the Elderly a Seminar meant to attack and reprimand neither the youth, women or men in a traditional way. What we think, say and do must have philosophical-substance, theoretical-essence and meaning, as well as political-worth’. The world’s Ordinary and Poor peoples are in a life and death fight with the Oppressor-class so as to regain total ownership and control over their overall resources, inclusive of land and our marine-wealth. Let us not forget that fact, Comrades!

Such is the brutal and antagonistic nature of the struggle between those that have all our wealth in their hands, and us that have to live in Kambas-chus on empty stomachs. Men should as a result, also stop abusing their women verbally, beat and kill them over jealousy and other trivial domes-tic-issues, and rather become true freedom-fighters and fight as men so as to regain our wealth. This is what true manhood means and is all about! And women all of you excellent fighters, should join your men and children to fight most relentlessly for a better tomorrow, uninterruptedly as a Team.

 The time to stand together as one has come!To conclude, the class-struggle demands unconditionally that man, woman, youth and the elderly fight as one Man, shoulder to shoulder to defeat the enemy, and take back our Natural-wealth. Forward with the class-struggle! Victory is ours! A Luta Continual One Namibia. . . One Nation, not as an empty political slogan, but as a United Namibian Nation born in struggle, blood, sweat and tears! This is all we have to say on this matter.


” Date: 10/To/2009
Part (2) Time:22H10
Author: Attie Beukes.


With the so-called collapse of Communism in the USSR in 1988,(which was in actual fact the revolutionary overthrow of the Stalinist-bureaucracy headed by Gorbachev) by its antithesis the Working classes of the region, Western Capitalism combined with their staunch ally the global Church,were triumphantly jubilant,all around the entire world. For them it was indeed a historic re-confirmation to their own previously held ideas,namely,that the whole world would forever and always need the Capitalist mode of production,so as to prosper socio-economically, politically as well as culturally and otherwise.

It “proved” to them “scientifically” that the radical-conceptualization of Dialectical-Materialism that private property too,would first destroy its very most progressive-phase of Free Competition amongst Capitalist Nations by its own doing in exchange for Global Capitalist monopolization, and thereafter be overthrown by its own adversary classes in favor of Socialism which would later develop into Communism,was all along merely a Utopia….a sweet Dream…a theoretical lie invented by the Socialist. So they rest their case,and on they went with the brutal oppression and exploitation of their own wage-slaves in their respective countries,as well as with the intensifying and application of their unholy plunderous practice towards all smaller Nations elsewhere in the world, unabated!

What an unforeseen and rude awakening with the collapse of the most reliable institutions of Trade,Commerce and Industry within the Capitalist-centres of the world,did science,coherence and the Dialectic bring in the year 2009,scarcely 20 years after the USSR-experience…with the abysmal unceasable crashing of major Capitalist public and private Banks alike…one after the other…from one Profit-center of the world to the next.

 When these once most credible and so respected Global Financial-Establishments started to stagger,disintegrate and began to fall,even the most learned experts amongst Bourgeoisie-Economists,Commerce and Industry could only helplessly…and bewilderedly watch on in absolute horror,while praying softly to their respective gods,for a divine and salvational-intervention.

We are aware that,that divine -salvation however never came,and not even a good Samaritan was and or is anywhere in sight. lt appears to us that even their gods pretend and had pretended that,they too do not know…as well as,did not hear them,begging! 

As we speak international Capitalism remains stunned,stoned,paralysed and in terrible fear,still. The very economic-foundations of Capitalist-existence,its very life-blood not to speak about its once superior-economic-theories upon which the entire school of Bourgeoisie-Formalistic-Philosophy had rested for so long, are in tatters,never,ever to recover. This had caused the world’s Capitalists severe fright and dreadful depression,as well as,a killing unknown situation with no end in sight. Never will,and can this once over confident and most arrogant man/woman of Profit derived from Capital (i.e. worker’s stolen surplus production’s money),ever be the same,for they had overnight in fact,as a result of the aforesaid events,transformed themselves into someone slightly more than a street – beggar.

 How painful for the globe’s Fat Cats of profit to have to go through this economic-agony second by second,and how rejoice full for the economic-down-trodden peoples of the world to witness it first-hand,and to see light at the end of the tunnel…not,for Capitalist-restoration of course but,indeed for the achievement of world-socialism and revolutionary-internationalism,Dialectically…all in one go this time.

When this continuous,uninterrupted and unstoppable,avalanche of crisis and despair hit the International Capitalists head-on,without warning,the impact reduced these giants of monetary-wealth abruptly into pigmy-si2ed beggars beseeching in an almost Priest-like humble fashion for Governmental-Financial-Bail-Outs. In the entire United States of the Americas,it is ironically for Racist America, and Large Scale Industrious Capitalist-Europe for example…to have to look up to the very Great Grandson of Colour (Black) of Dr. Martin Luther King (Jr.),President Barrack Hussain Obama so as to get the Global-Engine of Growth (Private-Property) once started-up and running again,in real terms. Such is the Dialectical-course of history based upon its iron laws…who would have imagined such mind-boggling political developments to come into effect socio-economically ?

 It is indeed as everyone knows,only Dialectical-Materialism which had historic,scientific and coherently foreseen these developments,almost one and a half century(ies) ago,especially when we take into account the scientific work done by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels,and later Lenin and Trotsky .

 To what extent our own Great,Grandson of Mama- Africa(Obama) shall succeed in this massive-endeavor of economically-re-inventing the wheel,will depend entirely upon an overall ability which he must start to learn and cultivate namely,not to listen so much and so attentively to the voices of the G8s’,but rather to adhere to the accumulated collectivized powerful – voice(s),strength and direction suggested by the numerous most knowledgeable and widely experienced smaller Nations,the world over.

Failing to carry-out this simple,sound and straight-forward revolutionary advice, will for sure lead to the political demise of not only,the present Super-Powers of the highly Industrialized-Capitalist-world,but to that of President Obama himself,as well. Dr.Martin Luther Kings’(Jr) Dream for America,shall then be carried out,not only for and in the Americas,but in fact for the entire globe,no longer by the Bourgeoisie-leadership (White or Black),but by the globally organized socialist and internationalist – insurrectionary – forces under the political-guidance of the philosophy of Dialectical-Materialism,which will seize power. Scientifically,this is unpreventable and the only way out!

The most powerful historic organizer at present which will cause this to happen is strangely no-one and or nothing else,but the very same antagonistic-cruel- Monopolistic – interest within Capitalism itself,which had in the past and is currently still brutally tormenting Mother-Earth so devastatingly,if we talk and combine interest and morality for brief a moment!

 Nonetheless,the required socio-economic and political ground-work for ideological-change resulting in a socialist-future, will indeed be laid down i.e. ironically spearheaded as said by the very highest Capitalist-phase the stage of Monopolism,also known as Imperialism,.In this sense and under such overripe objective-conditions,Communism serves overall the purpose and role of midwife only…in delivering the new socialist most healthy born baby of Internationalism.

 And so Engels,Marx,Lenin and Trotsky will be historically vindicated,at last and on a global scale for the first time ever! Previous¬ly and up to now(as we are aware),the Capitalist-chain kept on breaking only at its weakest-historic-link and nowhere else and understandably so! This time however Imperialism itself,as the highest form of Capitalism becomes the weakest link in the historic-revolutionary-chain of more sophisticated modes of production(s), already appearing Dialectically on the horizon.

The Capitalist world and private property are in disarray, is out of control…it is in crisis…it is collapsing…but is it under siege ? No! not in our opinion,not yet. What is under siege is not the Capitalist mode of production in its entirety as such,but only its reactionary monopolistic-phase and stage, which was once so revolutionary in nature,of course in its own contradictory way. Like was the historic case of the USSR,Centralization under Stalin’s bureaucratic regime unavoidably simply became unattainable over an almost seven decade-period of Totalitarian-rule.

 Such had been and is the case of the intensifying antagonistic-rivalry within Capitalism per Se between its only two sons…with the smaller brother named,Free Competition and the gigantic Big Brother named,Capitalist – Monopolism.

The two got forever entangled… and are at logger-heads the one with the next until the moment of triumph by the one over the other and or vice-versa,occurs. Peripheral-Capitalist-development demands the immediate and unconditional restoration of Free Competition,while Monopoly-Capitalisms stubbornly refusing,and so continues this most significant Fight within Capitalism per Se. But at the centre of these developments no Bourgeoisie-leadership is philosophically equipped and able to rectify and or be in the drivers’ seat.

 So historic-necessity everywhere unpreventably now calls upon Communist-leaderships the globe-over,to step forward boldly and lead most decisively,so as to once again make Man triumph over its own shortsightedness in trying to contradict and or supersede the iron laws of Nature. The solution to the problem,is a socialist change in the domain of the mode of production and nothing short of it,unavoidably.

The science and logic behind this lies in the most basic fact that Centralization is,as is indeed the case in politics the natural end-product,the end-result if you like,of a prolonged application of the revolutionary Democratic-principle in all spheres of socio-economic,political,cultural and judicial-matters,in any given Country or a Federation and or even in the case of a Confederation of States.

 The exact reverse is true with regard the overall scientific development of the Capitalist mode of production,however. In the case of Capitalism,National and or Internationally the said mode of production is historically obliged by its own logic,its very inherent nature,as well as based upon the overall demands of objective-necessity to overthrow and strangle Free Competition,so as to exert its own force of rule over all else,in favour of itself…and so does it do it with absolute force and no methodology,so as to create Large-Scale-

 Industries,the world-over…and yet it is scientific and coherent in nature nonetheless. It is here where Communist-Central-Planning makes its historic long overdue and most logical appearance,and strangle to death the blind – market -lbrces exerting itself in the most powerful way the world,and previous modes of production knows or had known,before! In other words,and in this specific economic sense,it is indeed a question of the survival of the fittest,or if you will… MIGHT IS RIGHT.

 For it is a question not of compassionate-morality but cruel-cold-interest…which counts in the final-analysis…in this harsh-material -world of ours.

To return to politics.

 The a fore-outlined Democratic-processes so revolutionary in nature,(was based on the fundamentally reactionary nature of Stalinist) altogether reversed and destroyed with the Stalinist-bureaucratization of the USSR after Lenin’s death…hence the revolutionary-revenge in 1990 by the so much economically-empowered,numerical strengthened and consolidated-collective-consciousness of the workers of the region as a class,against the remnants of the Stalinist-bureaucracy under Mikhail Gorbachev.

 Capitalism and International Capitalism for that matter like Joseph Stalin’s bureaucracy,followed a brutal policy of power-consolidation in fewer and fewer hands,until it had in fact reached/achieved for the lack of a better word an Economic-Totalitarianism,globally,which too became unattainable,and thus had to be overthrown. While under this type of bureaucracy,this type of Totalitarianism in Stalin’s era,where Democracy was strangled to death… Monopolistic-Capitalism targeted what was most progressive within the Capitalist mode of production in earlier times namely Free Competition and had smashed it to pieces…presently lying all over and around the world scattered,soaked in blood,in pain and dying!

Despite its progressive nature in its initial-stages,the healthy practice of Free Competition became unpreventably victim in a consequent internal-antagonism at logger -heads with its antithesis namely,with greedy Capitalist Monopoly,and was so smashed to smithereens in the process. In short,it was strangled to death without a judicial-hearing by the Monopolistic aspirations and growth of International Capita lism.The end result of the antagonism., .of this rivalry…we enjoy today in the form of large-scale industries.

 In this sense,the Highest Form of Capitalism,namely the Imperialist-stage originated out of a state of life’ and death internal-conflict,which in-turn arose objective and logically out of Capitalism’s further development This sequence of events,ultimately unavoidably led to large-scale industrialization of our material world,which we benefit from today so abundantly In a nutshell thusjmpe-rialism itself,is a direct economic-outflow expressing itself. spectacularly politically in a great way of Capitalism at its Monopolistic stage and age…as its undeniable genetic baby. And so did arise the”invincible” Monopolistic-Capitalism and in-turn by its very own doing was given opportunity by history,to pave its way step by step towards its own grave,too.

What we observe first hand when we sit glued to our TV-sets,in anticipation of Global-Finance to stabilize,is this afore-outlined scientific-process at work…sorting itself out blindly as usual,as Capitalism always had done; hence the historic-need for a concrete Communist intervention and salvation!

 Such is the iron laws of history in the field of the arena of socio-economics and politics…where not Religious-Morality counts and or generate the pounds,but Cold-Holy-Materialist-Interest! The historic questions arising from all this,are most definitely the following: “Whereto Global-Finance or more accurately…what is to be done by whom,when and how?

This is where the question of revolutionary-leadership comes into play or if you will,the subjective factor. This is science and coherence at its highest peak…we are talking about here,and are of course not referring to the limitations,narrowness and incompleteness of the science and coherence of our Bourgeoisie!Is it the end of the world…the end of everything…or is it the end of Capitalism as a mode of production.

In our assessment is only Monopolistic-Capitalism which lies on its death-bed …the one which is about to depart from our Materialist-world. In short what is now most urgently needed,is a Dynamic-Philosophic-Historic-Leadership-Change , which task it is to bring the necessary divine – salvational-intervention and alternative.

 lt is indeed through such a situation of economics,where the concept of Communist-Central-Planning is applied,where under a Socialist-perspective Capitalism shall voluntarily revert from reactionary Monopolism towards Free Condition once again out of historic-necessity.

In a nutshell thus,the overall restoration thereof,not by blind market-forces as was the case all along,but by Communist-Collective-Thinking exercised on a Democratic-Centralized-Basis. What is the position and tasks of countries on the periphery of Capitalist-development,under such a GLOBAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC OVERVIEW…and,that of backward Na -Namibia in specific?

 To borrow from our Beloved Principled Freedom-Fighter & Revolutionary-thinker Comrade Werner H.Mamugwe:”Space I plead!”

NB: What appears under Part(l) of our Communist-manifesto under the heading;

(B)THE CASE OF BACKWARD NAMIBIA…WHAT IS TO BE DONE ? is in essence a follow-up of what is written in Part (2) under the heading;(A)GLOBAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC OVERVIEW. Part(2) in this sense,is in actual fact Part(l) and vice-versa. I regret the overall inconvenience it might cause when reading the text,based upon its chronologically distorted order .Next time 1 promise to do better!My apologies to every reader!



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