The Removal of the Reiterdenkmal and the Inauguration of the Nujoma-statue, in historic-perspective!


Reiterdenkmal (1911)  Windhoek, Namibia

Reiterdenkmal (1911)
Windhoek, Namibia


08th April, 2014: 07H08

Re: The Removal of the Reiterdenkmal and the Inauguration of the Nujoma-statue, in historic-perspective!

Dear Compatriots and Comrades

The restoration of the Reiterdenkmal to its full glory, (linked to the simultaneous, complete and necessary removal of each and every Sam Nujoma-statue country-wide), will be one of the first Decrees to be proclaimed by the Communist Party of Namibia (CP) upon seizing State-power, politically!

At Ongulumbashe (the place where the first skirmish between Former South African Police and the Plan-fighters had occurred, a Statue in honour of Namibian-hero Comrade Herman Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo will be erected under the Communist-leadership), as a Revolutionary-gesture towards Swapo the People!

Furthermore; the (CP) will initiate and construct (next to the restored Reiterdenkmal), Statues of Namibian Heroes and Heroines such as inter alia the likes of Hosea Kutako, Jacob Morenga, Niklaas Swartz, Hendrik Witbooi, Samuel Maherero, Anna Kakurukaze Mungunda, Abraham Morris, and Andreas Lambert! At the former Namutoni-fort where a German/Owambo skirmish had taken place in 1904, where 68 Owambos of the Eastern Ndonga Tribe were killed and 20 wounded, a Statue in honour of Chief Nehale Lya Mpingana will make its appearance, as well!

At the Town of Rehoboth a Statue in honour of Koos Samuel Beukes, (who historically was the first indigenous Petitioner to the

League of Nations) will also become a priority for construction and display under the Rule of the Communist Party!

This Revolutionary-gesture to Koos Samuel Beukes will in Essence be an embodiment and expression of recognition and gratitude, as well as in salute to the historic-contributions of the entire Rehoboth Peoples and not to the Basters alone! With the Rehoboth Rebellion in 1925 when Martial Law was declared and imposed upon the Rehoboth Peoples by the Union of South Africa, Basters (289), Ovaherero (218), Nama (75), and Dama (50) were detained! Johannes and Samuel Beukes landed up with other Basters (42) before a South African Firing Squad, but were saved when the League of Nations intervened literately at the last minute!

After the suppression of the Rebellion, the SWA Administration began to move the Ovaherero People out of the Rehoboth Gebiet. The Ovaherero leader, Festus Kandjou, later complained that “they have been forced to leave their cattle behind”.

With regards Statutes and Monuments in general, our Communist Party will rely extensively upon the Oral-history as well as Documented-knowledge of All the Namibian Peoples themselves, in addition to complementary-research which shall be done by the Party, in the Execution of the aforesaid historic-Task! Such envisaged Statues of Namibian Heroes and Heroines and or Monuments of whichever kind, as well as the Reiterdenkmal itself needless to say, will of course not be re-instituted, designed, constructed and displayed nor erected as long as the great majority of the Namibian Peoples remain social-economically underdeveloped and destitute!

While Statues and Monuments sure are and do remain part and parcel of the Political-existence, Artistic-expression and Ideological-consolidation of the struggles Mankind as a whole wage, for us Communists, provision of adequate Food, Shelter and Clothing to every Citizen on planet Earth, will always remain our first and foremost Political-priority and Historic-obligation! But back to the specific Namibian-issue of Statues and Monuments under discussion!

History teaches us that the Political Task leading to either National Liberation and or Social Revolution the World-over … (is and can at times just be as brutal and bloody as when the Imperialists Subjugate smaller and weaker Nations) … in their endless search for more Land, Resources, Slaves and Markets! During such historic moments as the above-outlined, indulgence in Morality as well as Religion considerations of whatever nature is objectively replaced by an all encompassing Interest of every kind, be it Economically, Military or Both!

Either the Revolutionary Insurrection by Oppressed and Exploited Peoples against the Rule of their Conqueror is achieved … or the Act of Military Invasion and Enslavement by Imperialism against smaller and weaker Peoples Triumph! These battles are fiercely fought out in the arena of unequaled Wars between strong Imperialist Nations against Weaker and Smaller Peoples … or else in the domain of the International class-struggle … where the fall of Weaker and Smaller Nations or Classes signal the Triumphant-rise to power of its Adversary or vice-versa of course! The dismantling of existing Statues and or Monuments as well as the design, construction and display of new Emblems, signifies therefore either Defeat or Victory depending on which side of the War, the individual Soldier finds him or herself!

Parallel to this, the construction of Statues of their Own Heroes and Heroines by the Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples and or Oppressed and Exploited Social-classes, is always a token of Victory over their Colonizers and Oppressors! However, since such Statues and Monuments are meant to express, underline and signify Political-triumph over one’s Adversaries), it must as a Rule in line with both Revolutionary-ethics and Objective-truth always be Based upon Actual historic-events and not on fake Inventions of the Imagination! These in a fundamental sense, are prerequisites which must be upheld by any and every Self-respecting, dignified and proud People, the World-over!

No Truly Revolutionary-minded People with honour, integrity and honesty will ever tell lies and dish-out falsifications and or fabrications of the Imagination to their future generations, since such Political-behavior would not only be Immoral and Shameful but also Criminal, Prosecutable and Punishable, as well! Therefore; each and every Statue and or Monument erected wherever in the World by whoever, (which is not based upon an Actual Event and True historic-occurrence either socially, politically and or militarily), does not deserve a place in history!

The Reiterdenkmal owes its place in Namibian history, most definitely based upon a brutal and bloody German Imperialist Invasion and Colonization in 1884 which was Actual, Objective and long Drawn-out! There is nothing fake about it … for it was aimed at the Total Annihilation of both the Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples of the Territory! The historic repatriation of Ovaherero and Nama Skulls to the Republic of Namibia is Concrete Scientific Evidence of the almost wholesale German Extermination of the aforesaid Two Peoples! By pointing out this historic fact, (we are not in the least ruling out the possibility that Skulls or the remains of other Tribes might become Involved and tangible in the further exercise of the repatriation-process), but on the Whole the already repatriated Skulls are those of the Herero and Nama Ethnic Peoples up to this point in time!

That Imperial Germany had indeed colonized and during the process almost Exterminated the Herero and Nama in Former South West Africa, are not only shown by those returning Skulls alone, but is further historically revealed By the existence of Treaties, Battle-fields, Concentration-camps and Graves of both Ovaherero, Nama as well as that of Germans themselves, which are most Tangible-evidence!

Historically thus, in line with the Actual and Real Imperial Military Invasion, Massacres and Plunder, the Reiterdenkmal was no-doubt erected as a Statue signifying the historic-triumph of German Colonialism over the entire Aboriginal and Indigenous Inhabitants of the Lands! In this sense the Reiterdenkmal has for sure embodied, expressed and reflected Great German Political Significance and Omnipotent Imperial Power in the Territory, over every one of the respective Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples!

But then came 1915, and did occur the Military Invasion by the British Onion of South Africa under the Command of General Louis Botha, into the Territory what was then officially known to the World, as Deutsch-Sudwestafrika! It was this British Conquering Act carried-out against the Germans which had brought in a most Concrete political manner an abrupt Military-end to German Colonial Rule in Namibia! It was with this Actual and Real historic event that the Great German Political Significance and All Powerful Imperial Force which the Reiterdenkmal once embodied and expressed, came to permanent Cessation!

History thus makes it plain to every Citizen of our Land, (that not Sam Nujoma and Swapo’s People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (Plan) had by Force of Arms overthrown German Imperialism, but it was in fact done by British Imperialism! And with that had the Reiterdenkmal historically speaking, become a mere ordinary Monument of German origin without any Political-significance and or Omnipotent-power, which ever since forms an Integral part of our rich Namibian National Heritage!

Should the British Onion of South Africa at the time however, have decided to Politically remove the Reiterdenkmal and construct a Statue of their Own in its place, such a Conquering Act over Deutsch-Sudewestafrika, would have been an Actual, Real and Comprehensible historic-event, and thus be deserving of designing and display! Swapo’s Sensational and Emotional-driven imaginary Overthrow of German Imperial Rule by their Terrorist-removal of the Reiterdenkmal … and their unilateral Imposition on Namibians of a Swapo-statue in “honour” of Sam Nujoma’s so called Revolutionary Role in the Liberation Struggle … is for us as Communists … both hilarious, and sad!

The part which is laughable about the entire fabricated Invention of a Revolutionary-force at work is where and when; “Swapo’s fake Liberation Act of Conquering Former Imperial Germany with Gun in hand, Commences at the Dawn of Christmas Day, with the Removal of the Reiterdenkmal, Exactly 99 Years after the British Onion of South African’sActual and Real Invasion and Conquer over Colonial Germany, had taken place!”

What is of course sad and not Comical at All … is Swapo’s Contemptuous-disregard for the Principles of Democracy … their Autocratic-violation of the Constitution … as well as their Dictatorial-disrespect for the Namibian Peoples, at large! How can they (Swapo) remove the Reiterdenkmal which is a most significant historic-part of our National Heritage, under cover of Darkness, on Christmas Eve, with Gun in hand and with North Korean Technical-assistance? How can this happen in a Democracy, where National debate and referenda over such vitally Important Issues, ought to be the order of the day, naturally?

The Ovaherero and the Nama Peoples … should not they have been the very first to be awarded the opportunity to decide on the future of the Reiterdenkmal? Neither Swapo nor the Owambo People as a whole … have ever had any Actual and Real historic-ties with Deutsch-Sudwestafrika and or with the German People as such! Moreover, Owamboland was never occupied by the German Colonial Forces, nor was it subjected to German Administration! Is Swapo attempting to falsify and erase Tangible evidence such as the Reiterdenkmal to betray and sabotage the Ovaherero/Nama demand for Reparations deliberately in line with its own programme of Neo-colonialism? Whatever the case may be … with this Terrorist-act of dictatorially removing

The Reiterdenkmal, Swapo has also transgressed the Policy of National Reconciliation, while endangering Peace, Stability and Harmony in the Country, to a very grave extent! In a most bizarre fashion on top of every other crime committed by Swapo … the Sam Nujoma-statue itself cynically holds a replica of the very Namibian Constitution which they have violated … in the air … apparently for the entire International World … to see!

Finally; with regard the erection of the latest Sam Nujoma-statue in our Capital City of Windhoek, only these few remarks, in addition! Neither Sam Nujoma nor any other leader of Swapo is deserving of a Statue and or Monument in honour of them in the Republic of Namibia! This is the case based upon their sordid Lubango, Mboroma, Cassinga and April 1st 1989 – Killing-history! In fact Sam Nujoma, Hidipo Hamutenya, Hage Gaingob, Salomon “Jesus” Hawala, Theo Ben Gurirub, Nahas Angula as well as most of the other leaders of Swapo, are certain Candidates due to appear before the International Criminal Court, unless of course we as politically matured Namibians, initiate, organize and officially, as well as democratically appoint our very own Truth and Reconciliation Commission complete with the Required mechanism of Amnesty, soonest!

After 100 years the Germans have agreed, and are in the process of repatriating the Skulls and remains of the Ovaherero and Nama Peoples! With us already in our 24th year of Independence, The Communist Party demands that Sam Nujoma and the rest of the Swapo-leaders also agree, and speedily commence with a similar process of repatriating the Namibian Skulls and remains of our Freedom-fighters whom were killed in Exile on their instructions in Zambia and Angola, as well as Elsewhere!

With regard the Federal Republic of Germany and the German People at large, The Communist Party of Namibia hereby seriously urges them to honest and

openly acknowledge their historic Crimes committed against especially the Ovaherero and Nama Peoples of Namibia! We humbly Advice them to honour their National-duty as A People, and Attend respectfully to the Issue of Reparations in a Sincere manner, Soonest! A century has already lapse, Remember!

The communist Party believes that such a Bold and Admirable political-stance … from their side as Germans … would contain the needed Ideological-ingredients necessary to normalize over time … at least the ongoing tense Herero/Nama/German relations! It is our conviction that the adore-outlined Approach … would furthermore be instrumental in setting up a new Agenda aimed at meaningful interaction and the commencement of far-reaching progress in the sphere of future German-Herero-Nama amalgamated business ventures and other developmental-projects in the Republic of Namibia!

In this regard we would however, strongly recommend that any negotiations for a permanent and viable solution to facilitate the above mentioned … that it be conducted by the three respective Peoples of Germans, OvaHerero and Nama themselves in a bilateral-manner, entirely independent from the Swapo Tribal Owambo Dictatorship! Direct face to face Talks with each other as the Peoples who were historically directly involved in a War with one another, in our view, would lead to a satisfactory political-result to the three separate sides much quicker and lasting, we are convinced!

Also, we do consider the Involvement of the Namibian-Germans in the said regard … because of them being full Citizens of the Country … as an Unavoidable and Crucial political-factor in the Matter! The Communist party therefore calls upon them as fellow Namibians … to genuinely involve themselves in this long outstanding Issue henceforth … and vigorously assist to the best of their ability in spearheading the historic justifiable-demand for Reparations of the Ovaherero and Nama to its logical conclusion! At least show your committed readiness and willingness … and go to that extent both patriotically and politically … Compatriots!

With Warm Revolutionary Greetings to Everyone!

Sincerely Yours

Attie Beukes



To:The Online Political-Activists of the Egyptian-Revolution

18 February 2011 at 12:45

1) Don’t put an iota of Political-trust in the Generals of the New Military Rulers. The Egyptian Military, Police and Government under Hosni Mubarak (for the last 30 years), had been a mere Caretaker-Political-Apparatus in the service of Imperialism to safeguard and promote their master’s Economic and Military-Interest in Egypt itself, and the Region at large.

To solely own and strategically control (directly or indirectly), the Suez-Canal and of course the huge Oil-resources of the Middle-East was, and still is of paramount political importance for Imperialism and expansionism, in spite of Barack Obama’s eloquent sweet-talk and empty-political-promises to the Egyptian People. For the Imperialists…as you know…it is cold,cruel and antagonistic Economic and Military-Interests in favour of themselves which count, and definitely not, Religious-morality as interpreted by Islamic-righteousness based upon the Holy Koran. So be Aware Comrades ! Imperialism remains the ENEMY of All the Peace and Freedom-Loving-Peoples of the world.

2) Furthermore; don’t leave your Tahrir Liberation Square YET…for it remains your sole PEOPLE POWER BASE for now ! Let them first as a Political-prerequisite,meet ALL YOUR LEGITIMATE CITIZENS’ DEMANDS,UNCONDITIONALLY ! THE ENEMY-FORCES of and in Egypt as outlined a fore, is /are trying to lure you Brave-Revolutionary-Fighters into trusting them, while persuading you to leave your Power Base so that they can Effectively Defeat the hard won Gains of the Egyptian Revolution, made so far.

3) Also, do not accept the New Military Rulers present suggestions of Political-reformisms, but fight on relentlessly in your own right to achieve Genuine Structural-Political and Socio-Economic Change for Revolutionary-Egypt and the entire Region, independently.

4) Lastly Comrades, Politically attempt to win over the rank and file of the Military and Police-Forces of your Egypt on the basis of the present sympathetic-neutrality-stance towards THE REVOLUTION embryonically indicative from their side, at this stage. We urge you to write your New Constitution yourselves and to reorganize your own Parliamentary-arrangements..while overseeing your own Revolutionary-Political-process.

We Salute You Comrades and pledge our unconditional-support! Politically, you make us feel so proud! A Luta Continua…A Victoria Ecerta.