In Defence of the Hammer & Sickle with the Superimposed ‘4’

An extract from Part (1) of my book entitled:”In Defence of the Hammer and Sickle with the Superimposed’4′ “.



Whatever is presently in existence, could have had evolved only out of the past… recent or distant.

Development, however, not always takes an evolutionary path… but seeks different roads to forcibly see itself through. During turbulant situations, for example, it is revolution and not evolution which caters for the most rapid, most qualitative and highest forms of development in whichever field of human-endeavour.

This is and has always been true both in ancient as well as contempo-rary history, irrespective of whether the true nature of such progress had been exceptionally outstanding socio-economical, political, cultural and or philosophically. But here again the cardinal-question steadfastly remains, what else then are social and or political revolutions, as well as the various changes in Nature in the final analysis, if not, the sum-total of all historical evolutionary processes hitherto achieved and or gone through by Mankind as a whole ?

Equally true… whatever shall exist in future, shall evolve only out of the present, be it by way of evolution or be it a case of it having leapt into existence as a direct result, or by-product of revolution, itself. Whichever way, science uncompromisingly demands from us in complete harmony with historical objective conditions… as well as in line with the laws of Nature of course, never to deal with whatever, whichever or whoever in a metaphysical manner, but always to comprehend the Dialectical-interaction, interrelationship and interdependence they have, the one upon the next… and to deal with them in accordance thereof, on a permanent- basis.

This is necessary, because the said approach in the domain of thought and it alone, is what propels the continuous forward movement by Mankind to greater heights of culture. Not to take cognizance thereof, fully understand and apply this most basic… this so straight-forward a revolutionary-concept in the arena of the living class-struggle(s), is to denounce the philosophy of Dialectical-Materialism in toto, while creating demigods out of great revolutionaries such as Marx and Lenin, on an entirely idealistic-basis. What has to be taken into account here and be remembered… is, the scientific fact that all forms of development in whichever field of human-activity… are indeed driven by historic-necessity and not, by the genius of a most powerful-human-brain… beaming with curiosity, resourcefulness and or inventiveness.

The ideas of Man… whether they are from the past, present or representative of the future… will permanently always either live, flourish, compete, oppose, compliment, degenerate, struggle, triumph and or perish in relation to the next. Needless to say, every idea which represents science and coherence, will always triumph out of objective necessity… while idealistic and revisionist-thought will as a rule, have no right to life at all. This is bound to happen with every idea in an uninterrupted way because of its Dialectical-interrelationship with each other, with Nature and with the overall objective conditions (e.g. specific modes of develop-ment inter alia, especially in the sphere of socio-economics, politics and culture) which become globally prevalent, at a given historical-stage. And since this essential-process happens out of historical-necessity, and is always tied-up with the decisive roles the various modes of production play in the existence of Man, its day to day operations take place entirely independent and in spite of the idealistic and revisionist-preconceptions of Man.

As a result of this fact, it therefore cannot be tempered with in an utopian  way, avoided by wishful-thinking, nor escape from by prayer or practices of voodoo and of course… never, ever be influenced by one who is under the magic spell of drugs and or alcohol. On the contrary, both social-reality and science in the most uncertain terms thinkable, always require a well defined practical-programme of action… one which is solely and solidly based upon theoretical-conclusions which depart from the philosophy of Dialectical-Materialism, as its starting-point.

Naturally, no other way for the achievement of tangible progress will suffice, because the aforesaid too… is, a prerequisite for fundamental revolutionary change, and at certain times (moments) in history in fact, the major one. This is… and can only be the case however… provided of course, that the overall objective conditions prevalent at any given historical-period, had in a given nation-state or a combination of nation-states, sufficiently ripened, so as to cater for a smooth and meaningful social-transformation. Such a transformation from the present world-society… from, one which is based upon class-domination… into one that is… and will be classless in its true nature and overall composition, is entirely unpreventable. Again, that is of course the case only… if, the sufficiently ripened objective- conditions, are Dialectically met and led consistently by the subjective-factor in a conscious and harmonious manner, to its most logical and highest peak. And it is at this most logical and highest peak, where the aforesaid two components namely, the subjective-factor and the objective-conditions… (which are in fact both prere-quisites needed for either social and or political-transformation), corresponds in perfect match, the one with the next… when such rare a historical moment in turn unavoidably, always culminates in either social and or political revolution.

Impregnated by the seeds of social-change, where the objective-conditions already carry a full-grown baby of the productive-forces, birth-giving to revolution (under the guidance of the philosophy of Dialectical-Materialism of course), is under such conducive historical-circumstances an entirely natural-phenomenon. It is precisely the same, like it is in everyday-life with regard to the reproductive-processes in Nature involving the numerous (almost countless) off-springs of the various species, which are and had been brought forth uninterruptedly for hundred-thousands, millions, if not billions of years either by Man, Animal and or Plant. Furthermore, both evolutionary and or revolutionary forms of development such as the ones mentioned above, never, ever occur gradually as the pragmatists of our world expect, propagate and want us to believe. But on the contrary, (exactly because of them being under the overall influence, guidance and permanent- command of the Dialectic), they indeed and in fact always happen in a scientific manner, greatly cognizant of the imperative control motion always has upon them. That is to say, they as a rule happen not… and, never in a dogmatic, sterile and motionless fashion, but always in line with the dictates of movement per se.

It is out of this reality of constant movement, continuous change… which so accurately embodies, expresses and reflects the laws of Nature itself, where nothing is ever static, but in motion permanently… that, all forms of revolution… in all spheres of living organisms thereof, (including of course the social, economic and cultural-political aspects of Man’s very own self-created modes of production), are born and where they in turn out of historic objective-necessity, become the most decisive, the highest, and as such the most supreme developmental-stage of evolution. This Dialectical-interaction and interrelationship between Man and Nature, between the Living and the Deceased, between Animal and Plant, between Plant and Soil, between Evolution and Revolution, between the Human-mind and Social-reality, between and amongst Social-classes, Ideas and Things, occur continuously and unavoidably in each and every field of everyday-life, uninterruptedly, and needless to say, irrespective of the subjective, abstract, stubborn will, isolated good intentions or evil connivance’s of Mankind.

In line with this, true and meaningful developments of our world, (both in the sphere of the ongoing evolutionary and or revolutionary-processes taking place in Nature, as well as with regard to the further and aggressively forward movement of the various Man-created modes of production), can thus… and, will always proceed only in such a dynamic and scientific way.

The various modes of product-ion Dialectically brought into existence by Man through social-revolution… and every time declared abolished once again through and by the very political-act of social-revolution… each time at a higher historic plane of course, confirms this fact over and over. And needless to say, the aforesaid social-transformations which are no-doubt bound to re-create, the socio-economic and political conditions of our world… in preparation of Global-Communism, (to new unprecedented heights of culture previously unheard off and never been experienced before), will presently, or in future be brought about also, only through an uninterrupted series of both social and or political-revolutions (with a relationship complimentary to one another), as its most basic tenet or characteristic. Such is the iron laws of history, and such will they remain. What a relief !

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Author: Attie Beukes


A Tribute to a Woman-Revolutionary-Fighter



This book is dedicated to my dearest wife…Rosetta Franzina,who is the love of my life. Over the past 38 years,she had become my closest political-associate,my co-thinker,my critic,my comrade,my friend and my inspiration.

In a most practical-political manner,she had contributed immensely in building both SWAPO and The Workers Revolutionary Party of Namibia. She is a revolutionary-fighter,a true Bolshevik and political-leader in her own right,who had sacrificed everything for the liberation of our beloved, Namibia.I have no doubt,that she remains committed to fight alongside all others for a world-society,where everyone shall have adequate access to food,shelter and clothing.

Rosetta Franzina is the mother and heroine of our daughters Ratula Adriana,Baby Rosetta (late),Natatasha Maria,Toni Josina Elfrieda,and of our baby-daugthers… Heidi and Nadia. Our grandchildren,Eve,Jana,Zeppi and Qhawe love and adore her as their ‘eie,eie,Ouma’. Sean Beukman,Colin Constance,Bruno Buys,Brain Mafika, Maxon Monde (our sons in law and future sons in law),respect and love her as well…they too,are very special to her.

Baby Monde,who our baby Nadia is currently (6 months pregnant with),for sure,will come to love and adore ‘Ouma’ Rosetta Franzina,in the same passionate manner as the other kids do,no-doubt. In accordance with Nature’s very own schedule,baby Monde is due to arrive in October,2008.Yesterday around 16H00,I witnessed,the first-pictured-signs of life and growth of baby Monde (still in Mommy’s womb,of course,via sonar-images. Great Stuff…I assure you !This film-viewing was made possible by modern technology of course,but also…only,as a result of…and,thanks to Nadia and Maxon’s initiative,ingenuity and politeness.

Life is wonderful,everyone should live it to the full and collectively struggle for a better tomorrow, uninterruptedly. This is essential…for only a good-life guaranteed for everyone by everyone,will bring lasting happiness,peace and true prosperity to our presently tormented Mother-Earth,I believe.

With Love, Attie.

A Tribute to a Woman-Revolutionary-Fighter.Date:03/07/2008.

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NB:An extract from my book entitled,”In Defence of the Hammer& Sickle with the Superimposed’4′”,which I hereby gladly share with everyone of you. Revolutionary

Greetings, Attie Beukes.

Communism: The Highest Form of Democracy

Communism: the Highest Form of Democracy


 Date: 15 January 1993mBy: ATTIE BEUKES

Dear Comrades,

 In 1990, shortly before my illness, I had tentatively begun to develop a few theoretical conclusions with the aim of contributing to certain issues confronting us today, both in the Workers International, as well as globally. Due to a number of reasons, however, I could not manage to sit down and get myself to write a few lines on each of these individual – although connected – themes. Now that I have slowly resumed with the objective I had set for myself more than two years ago, I am forwarding to each of you the following sub-headings (outlined below), meant to focus the skeleton of the short pamphlet.

 By studying the themes, you ought to notice (if I am not too unclear) that the contents of my pamphlet will not necessarily agree with theoretical conclusions on a number of crucial issues as set forth by the Executive Committee of the Workers International. On the contrary, I do regard the larger part of contributions in my pamphlet as being, in many a case, theoretically the exact opposite to what is and had been offered by the said Executive Committee, so far. It must be mentioned here that one of my differences with the analysis put forward by our Executive Committee is that, in essence the thinking pattern of our Executive body in my opinion, fundamentally and persistently refuses to take cognisance of the great powers with which the dialectic influences and redirects theory itself.

It is true scientifically that the dialectic does not replace analysis. It cannot of course; but no materialistic thinker, especially no Marxist, can for a single moment deny or forget with what great influential and persuasive powers the dialectic does indeed guide analysis … and it guides analysis this way at every given moment, and at all times … permanently. But let us leave it there for the time being. I do realise of course, that I need to elaborate on these opening remarks – a task which I will carry out in my pamphlet, extensively. In the process I will also touch upon related and other issues of disagreement with the Executive Committee’s analysis I have on my part.

 For now, however, let me return to my letter to you and the specific purpose thereof. The title of my short pamphlet I have chosen to be: ” Communism: the Highest Form of Democracy “. This decision I have taken to try to enable the title itself to correspond with the ongoing social developments of the present phase of our epoch. These ongoing social developments unquestioningly and irreversibly signal and underline the revolutionary character of our epoch, and primarily our central task as social critics, I think, therefore is to whip our own thinking in line with these objective developments.

 This and this alone will start to address and dialectically resolve the long continuing crises of leadership in the entire International Proletarian Movement. In any case, since titles, subheadings, etc., of any intended or finished theoretical work in my opinion, indeed most accurately indicate whether or not such work is truly based on a scientific and coherent premise; the purpose of my forwarding these few lines to you is precisely to enable you to comment on it and to produce suggestions that will enable this pamphlet to see the light. So, I am really looking forward to your response eagerly, urgently and with an open mind. But enough said. Following are some of the ideas I have in mind which I intend to expand upon systematically and in due course.


 B. THE POLITICAL SLOGAN OF KARL MARX AND FRIEDRICH ENGELS: ” Workers of the world, unite!” is rapidly getting its economic foundation for the first time in history.

 C. RISE OF AN INTERNATIONAL DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT: A historical prerequisite for both social and political revolutions, worldwide.

 D. DEMOCRATIC CENTRALISM: The scientifically tested Bolshevik-Leninist formula to build the Revolutionary Party, has in the present phase of our epoch, historically become the sole formula (method) to build every future Communist society globally.

 E. HOW THE CRISES OF LEADERSHIP WILL BE RESOLVED, and the regeneration of the Fourth International be made possible.

 F. NAMIBIA, THE LAST COLONY OF AFRICA HAD HISTORICALLY PRODUCED THE FIRST TROTSKYIST PARTY IN AFRICA: This subjective leap in an extremely backward country no doubt is bound to contribute significantly if not largely or entirely in providing the world with a new International revolutionary leadership, capable of carrying through its historical task.

 POSTS CRIPT: 20 JANUARY 1993. Should anyone of you for one or the other scientific reason however conclude (based on the written information at your disposal), that my intended pamphlet could not be regarded as an analytical piece of work, the sooner you let me know, preferably in writing, the sooner it will enable me to resume Marxist studies. This time to master it once and for all!

NB: Handed in for typing and proofreading for the purpose of distribution amongst members of the Central Committee on 8 February 1994.