Smaller parties gear up for 2014

UPBEAT: Communist Party president  Attie Beukes. Photo: FILE

UPBEAT: Communist Party president
Attie Beukes. Photo: FILE

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As next year’s general elections draw closer, political parties  not currently represented in parliament have promised to give larger parties a run for their money.

Communist Party president Attie Beukes said his party’s campaign will focus on “the spirit of the indigenous  people and the struggle of the working class”
“The current set up has allowed the creation of kings and queens, while the ordinary people are still suffering. People are slaves in this new democracy,” he said.
“We are not only going to participate in both elections, but we are going to State House,” he said.
National Democratic Party of Namibia (NDPN) leader Martin Lukato is optimistic that should the government not offer funding to all registered political parties before the elections, his party would follow the same campaign strategy as that of 2009.
“The voice of the NDPN in 2009 reached all the corners of the country, but we were robbed by those with resources,” he added.

According to him, his party will start campaigning this year already.
“We are concerned about the current federal system and will promote the accommodation of all ethnic groups in the leadership of this country,” Lukato said.
The NDPN has reportedly been in consultation with the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), led by Joseph Kauandenge, to join forces for the elections. Lukato said the two are yet to sign an agreement.
Recently, the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) denied knowledge of an application for registration from Kauandenge’s party, despite claims by the young politician that he had applied.
The United People’s Movement, headed by Jan van Wyk, said although his party has a strategic plan, it will not make any promises in a manifesto.
In a surprise turn of events, the Monitor Action Group (MAG) this week announced the retirement of its leader, veteran politician Kosie Pretorius.

According to Jurie Viljoen, who represented the party in the National Assembly (NA) after Pretorius vacated his seat in 2004, MAG has not yet decided whether to  participate in next year’s elections.


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