Namibia: Communist Party Proposes Succession of Minority Ethnic Groups


 COMMUNIST Party (CP) president Attie Beukes said the “deliberate immigration” of other Namibians like the Damaras, Owambos, Okavangos, Twanas and San for land acquisition in the Omaheke Region is “politically reckless and socio-economically irresponsible” and speaks of an “intense provocation”.

The Otjinene constituency in Omaheke, where a tribal clash was averted weeks ago, has historically been inhabited by Herero-speaking Namibians.

Beukes suggested that the Government is “imposingly” enforcing the concept of ‘one Namibia one nation’ upon various individual “aboriginal” inhabitants of Namibia, which he said is counterproductive for nation building.

Before Namibia can contemplate nationhood, he said, the continued ethnic tension, hostility and politically explosive situation has to be defused democratically.

Disturbingly, he further suggests that ‘marginalised ethnic minorities’ are continually and forcibly subjected to a “Swapo-designed and ethnic institutionalised unitary State”, “where absolute Owambo dominance prevails unabated after 22 years of independence, arguing that self-determination of ethnic marginalised people is “long overdue”.

“This political, democratic right demands the political secession from the oppressing Owambo dominance and the freedom of such oppressed and exploited marginalised ethnic minorities to agitate by means of a referendum to obtain such desired freedom to secede, in a peaceful manner,” Beukes said.

Political analyst Phanuel Kaapama described this line of argument as dangerous.

“This is a very dangerous route to take because it would amount to the total nullification of both the Namibian State and its Constitution,” said Kaapama.

He said the principles of Organisation of the African Union (OAU) which were inherited by the African Union (AU) call for respect of colonial boundaries, with the exception of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Similarly, said Kaapama, Beukes’s suggestion that the unitary state was “designed” by Swapo is erroneous. The Namibian Constitution was agreed to by all those who comprised the Constituent Assembly before independence.

Beukes also said that while he does not argue for a federal arrangement in Namibia, the Communist Party would prefer and support “unconditionally if it comes to that” even a federation rather than “national inequality” as the only path towards “complete democratic centralism”.


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