To:The Online Political-Activists of the Egyptian-Revolution

18 February 2011 at 12:45

1) Don’t put an iota of Political-trust in the Generals of the New Military Rulers. The Egyptian Military, Police and Government under Hosni Mubarak (for the last 30 years), had been a mere Caretaker-Political-Apparatus in the service of Imperialism to safeguard and promote their master’s Economic and Military-Interest in Egypt itself, and the Region at large.

To solely own and strategically control (directly or indirectly), the Suez-Canal and of course the huge Oil-resources of the Middle-East was, and still is of paramount political importance for Imperialism and expansionism, in spite of Barack Obama’s eloquent sweet-talk and empty-political-promises to the Egyptian People. For the Imperialists…as you know…it is cold,cruel and antagonistic Economic and Military-Interests in favour of themselves which count, and definitely not, Religious-morality as interpreted by Islamic-righteousness based upon the Holy Koran. So be Aware Comrades ! Imperialism remains the ENEMY of All the Peace and Freedom-Loving-Peoples of the world.

2) Furthermore; don’t leave your Tahrir Liberation Square YET…for it remains your sole PEOPLE POWER BASE for now ! Let them first as a Political-prerequisite,meet ALL YOUR LEGITIMATE CITIZENS’ DEMANDS,UNCONDITIONALLY ! THE ENEMY-FORCES of and in Egypt as outlined a fore, is /are trying to lure you Brave-Revolutionary-Fighters into trusting them, while persuading you to leave your Power Base so that they can Effectively Defeat the hard won Gains of the Egyptian Revolution, made so far.

3) Also, do not accept the New Military Rulers present suggestions of Political-reformisms, but fight on relentlessly in your own right to achieve Genuine Structural-Political and Socio-Economic Change for Revolutionary-Egypt and the entire Region, independently.

4) Lastly Comrades, Politically attempt to win over the rank and file of the Military and Police-Forces of your Egypt on the basis of the present sympathetic-neutrality-stance towards THE REVOLUTION embryonically indicative from their side, at this stage. We urge you to write your New Constitution yourselves and to reorganize your own Parliamentary-arrangements..while overseeing your own Revolutionary-Political-process.

We Salute You Comrades and pledge our unconditional-support! Politically, you make us feel so proud! A Luta Continua…A Victoria Ecerta.


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