A Tribute to a Woman-Revolutionary-Fighter



This book is dedicated to my dearest wife…Rosetta Franzina,who is the love of my life. Over the past 38 years,she had become my closest political-associate,my co-thinker,my critic,my comrade,my friend and my inspiration.

In a most practical-political manner,she had contributed immensely in building both SWAPO and The Workers Revolutionary Party of Namibia. She is a revolutionary-fighter,a true Bolshevik and political-leader in her own right,who had sacrificed everything for the liberation of our beloved, Namibia.I have no doubt,that she remains committed to fight alongside all others for a world-society,where everyone shall have adequate access to food,shelter and clothing.

Rosetta Franzina is the mother and heroine of our daughters Ratula Adriana,Baby Rosetta (late),Natatasha Maria,Toni Josina Elfrieda,and of our baby-daugthers… Heidi and Nadia. Our grandchildren,Eve,Jana,Zeppi and Qhawe love and adore her as their ‘eie,eie,Ouma’. Sean Beukman,Colin Constance,Bruno Buys,Brain Mafika, Maxon Monde (our sons in law and future sons in law),respect and love her as well…they too,are very special to her.

Baby Monde,who our baby Nadia is currently (6 months pregnant with),for sure,will come to love and adore ‘Ouma’ Rosetta Franzina,in the same passionate manner as the other kids do,no-doubt. In accordance with Nature’s very own schedule,baby Monde is due to arrive in October,2008.Yesterday around 16H00,I witnessed,the first-pictured-signs of life and growth of baby Monde (still in Mommy’s womb,of course,via sonar-images. Great Stuff…I assure you !This film-viewing was made possible by modern technology of course,but also…only,as a result of…and,thanks to Nadia and Maxon’s initiative,ingenuity and politeness.

Life is wonderful,everyone should live it to the full and collectively struggle for a better tomorrow, uninterruptedly. This is essential…for only a good-life guaranteed for everyone by everyone,will bring lasting happiness,peace and true prosperity to our presently tormented Mother-Earth,I believe.

With Love, Attie.

A Tribute to a Woman-Revolutionary-Fighter.Date:03/07/2008.

Time: 04H05 26 February 2011 at 15:11

NB:An extract from my book entitled,”In Defence of the Hammer& Sickle with the Superimposed’4′”,which I hereby gladly share with everyone of you. Revolutionary

Greetings, Attie Beukes.


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